Portuguese trivia (II)

Do like Eric Idle and upcycle your cork bottle stoppers to get yourself a fancy cork hat!
(Source: http://www.cineplex.com)

So we have cork – lots of it! Today, Portugal is responsible for about 50% of the world’s cork production.That’s a lot of wine bottles!

But cork can do a lot more besides protecting your bottled wine. This material can be used in musical instruments, footwear, baseballs, cricket balls and Australian cork hats! Actually, NASA has been using cork for some type of rocket insulation… thing!

Scientist or not you can now also buy bags, purses, umbrellas and many other things made with cork.


  1. Not some rocket insulating thing…the whole orange part on the space shuttle is made out of cork dust.
    funny thing, it was the only piece of the shuttle that never blew…

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